At the foot of Matterhorn - March 2020


Slowing down

Your retreat will start with a nutritious lunch where you will have an opportunity to meet and exchange with other participants and your coaches. The afternoon you will spend interacting in a group workshop where you will learn everything about personality traits at workplace. After a short break, you will jump into your comfy yoga clothing and conclude the afternoon with Vinyasa yoga. You will finish off the day with a well-deserved gourmet dinner and have the rest of the evening for relaxation, reflection, or activities of your choice.


Awareness momentum

You will start off the day on a yoga mat and after several sun salutations, fill your batteries with a rich breakfast. Throughout the day you will have one individual session with your coach in a safe and comfortable environment. This is the time when you will learn about your unique personality at work place. During this insightful session you will increase your self-awareness, discover blind spots, and gain clarity. Over lunch you will join the group for a small exchange, but the remaining of the day is reserved for mind training, reflection and of course, relaxation. After Vinyasa yoga practice in the late afternoon, you will end the day with a fine dinner and, if desired, a glass of wine.


Positively energised

Your last day will begin with an early bird yoga practice and will be followed by a rich breakfast.  The foundation you have built in the past two days, will be used for creation of your strongest pillars. With the support of your coach, you will in a 40-minute individual session have once more the chance to reflect and together with your coach create an action plan that will support you in reaching your desired goals. After a joint lunch, you will spend time in a group workshop learning the positive sides of stress and techniques of how to embrace stress rather than avoiding it. The workshop will be followed by a short meditation and you will adjourn your treat in the late afternoon hours.


Continious impact

We will not let you go here, just yet. With three individual online sessions upon your return, you will dive deeper into the mystery of your personality. You can rely on your accountability partner and build on the momentum to achieve anything you wish in your career and private life.