Alexandra and Lea are both certified Leadership coaches. While they both run their own coaching businesses, they are also active members in the ICF local chapters and devoted mothers in their private life. They joined their efforts in establishing Leaders’ Vitality program which focuses on the personal growth and well-being of leaders and managers. Besides working with professional tools, they spice their sessions and workshops with fun, lightness and establish a rich learning environment for their clients.
They are committed to inspire and help leaders advance from excellence to brilliance.


What was the reason to become a coach?

Alex: After 20 years in corporate I wanted to do something else and I realised that my experiences from the corporate world and being a mum of four children could be of great help to other people. Besides that, I love the contact with others. Furthermore, I want to give my clients a safe space and the time to listen to them; because in todays world we don’t have enough space for such moments. 
Besides that, I love developing and leading projects. So coaching is just a great fulfilment for me.

Lea: I have heard too many stories about frustrated, unhappy, stressed out professionals. Was even one of them at some point. The time we spend at work should really not be packed with such negativity. We are often limiting ourselves too much and I really believe we can achieve about anything we want if there is a strong will. This belief also compliments my approach to coaching. All I really want is to help my clients flourish in about anything they do.

What do you like about coaching?

Alex: I love about coaching that it is so effective. In a very short time, it is possible to have big mind shifts. In contrary to other methods the client won’t forget his learnings, which he has gained during coaching.

Lea: Building accountability, ownership of ideas, finding out what really is that bothers us or stops us on the way to reach our goals. 
It is absolutely amazing to see when my clients make different choices after they gain new awareness about themselves. They take the full ownership of their life and decisions they make.

What is your approach in coaching?

Alex: I am having a very personal approach. It depends on the client’s needs. If the client needs a sparring partner for decision making, I stick to a very classical coaching method. If he wants to prepare for a precise situation at work, e.g. a discussion with a collaborator, I will mix coaching and counselling. If the client wants to dive deep, I also work with visualisations.

Lea: My number one rule is: the client needs to leave the session in a better emotional state that he/she was in before entering our session. I am goal, solution and performance oriented and therefore it is also important to me that the client has some actions and strategies in hand that act as supporting tools in achieving the set goals.

What was your most eye-opening learning on your coaching journey?

Alex: The most eye-opening insight was that if you have the possibility to talk to somebody who is profoundly listening and asking you the right questions you can discover so much wisdom within yourself.

Lea: One of the most eye-opening lessons for me was that when judging other people, we are really judging ourselves. It is our outward projection of what we feel about ourselves. But we can heal judgement – with self-love.

What do you value / appreciate most when working with Alex/Lea?

Alex: I appreciate that we complement one another because we are having a very different background. Lea is coming from sports; she is very hard working when it comes to reach an objective. I come from the business side and have a lot of experience in leading people. At the same time, we have a lot of things in common; we love to help individuals to achieve their goals and live a happier life. So, we move on very fast with our projects and can offer a broad pallet of know-how and experience.

Lea: Alex and I have many things in common; but yet we are very different. Our common values are like the foundation of our working relationship and we complement each other in skills and experience. Trust and respect were given from the beginning on. It is really fun to work with Alex and we always get great things done together. She is funny, full of positive energy, and approaches her work with full professionality.

What would have been different in your life if you would have had a coach when you were 20 years old?

Alex: I would have been able to realise underlying beliefs, which I had since I was a child, much earlier and would have suffered less.

Lea: At 20 I have made one of the biggest life changing decisions in my life when I decided to move to the US. The decision-making process was rather quick; what I struggled with was my inner stability, I was lacking self-esteem and didn’t really know how to fit in the new environment. It was the starting point of learning who I really am. Yes, a coach would be extremely helpful, and I think many experiences wouldn’t be as dramatic. I suppose I had to go through this process to be where I am today.